Class of 9M2

Hey classmates of mine who actually visit my blog, please do stop by this album, Class of 9M2.

I’ve actually placed some pictures of us during demo, and random class activities in Facebook. And you might enjoy some of them. :)

Like this one.

Doesn’t Fang Wen and Julius look like a couple? Haha! Sorry Jonathan Chua. But it does seem that way, if not for the fact I know that she adores you. Hee.

Or this funny picture with Fang Wen reminding me to tell the world that Boon Tung almost always got 100% for his History last time and is the funny man in class, alongside with Julius, the lamer.

Bryan is starting to learn from them. They’re very cold.

So enjoy folks, them many pictures in the album. :)

Battle Of Minds 2008!

I have blogged about this before, the very first post in this still very young blog, and now, I’m only going to add more pictures, for the viewer’s pleasure.

Even so, I’ve actually uploaded a whole lot of them in Facebook, and if you’re a friend of mine, add me! You get to view funny pictures of my roommates, my friends, and myself if you do! Haha.

And so, because I’m pretty much lazy, I’ll just put a few of my favourites here. To view them, click on them, yes?

For more pictures, please view Battle of Minds 2008 Part 1 and Battle of Minds 2008 Part 2.

I miss debating.

Falling Apart

Not because of a broken heart. And not literally either. Well, a little literally, but it isn’t dropping all over the floor just yet.

Imagine my knee dropping off just like that. Uh, bad image. Or my neck. Ooh, Sleepy Hollow-esque!

Anyway, I’ll get to explaining now.

Right at the start of the holidays, I did a foolish thing, and pushed my table with my knee in order to take out my laptop charger plug from the socket. And pushed out my kneecap instead. The blood seemed to rush into my head and it was the shock that made me stand there, screaming, “Shhhiiit!” Before I moved a little and it locked back in.

Then I wouldn’t move for fear my knee would just crack. Jia Yi and Esther just looked at me and went, “Urr, what just happened?” Haha. Explaining that my knee just went “in and out” shocked them too, I think. But that’s how it felt. Really.

Now I can’t walk properly, and it seems better, but that isn’t all.

I went to watch a movie with my Mum who seemed reluctant to let me go because I couldn’t really walk, squealing every once in a while.

Halfway through the movie, I laughed, stretched a little, and crick! I twisted my neck this time. Boo. Now I can’t look to my right, nor down because it hurts!

And both incidents occurred at my right side. I think its a sign, really. Or maybe I’m really as unhealthy as my Mum said, because I don’t go jogging every day since I went to college. Because jogging really prevents someone from twisting their necks and dislodging kneecaps or something. Jogging makes it all better.


Am sad, because gathering with friends is harder now. And I so want to meet up with them again! Call me! Send me a message! But because I’m in JB now, gathering for BRATs back at KL shall have to wait till I return.

Don’t plan plan and then don’t come lar, I very sad you know. The last time someone planned a gathering and it didn’t fall through I couldn’t get back home earlier and wasted my time moping.

So this time, make sure it falls through, yes?

Thanks Lind, I know you’re always the one planning them. And you’re the best, really.

Much love and hugs.


P/S: Shall now take a nap, and hopefully, I don’t make that twist in my neck worst with all my twisting and turning. But not taking one is making me cranky. Guh, I hope I don’t do anything worst and sprain anything else. Bah. Toodles.

Today, Today, Oh, Today.

I’ve had my fair share of stupidity today.

First, not zipping up after going to the toilet and parading in front of classmates, and strangers.

Until someone kind had to tell me, very seriously, to go back into the toilet again.

Secondly, running up and down and around, in chaos, because of someone in particular. Saying stupid things, and looking stupid, and acting like a total loon and being pushed aside as a result.

Never again.

And thirdly, saying ‘orgasm’ instead of ‘organisms’ for the Ethics presentation, three times, and not realizing it, until the lecturer stared at me and raised an eyebrow, and the class finally burst into laughter together.

It’s only because I never really said organisms aloud before, and ‘orgasms’ are so much shorter and easier to say anyway.

Oh, did I mentioned that I screamed at several people today? Not in anger, but in random nonsensical stuff, and probably confused the hell out of them.

There’s also the fact that I was hit so badly by the fact that it might never happen, will never happen, cannot ever happen today. It just can’t, and I just can’t. And then, there’s also the fact that he might be with. And I like her.

What will be, will be. And because of that, I think, it really isn’t meant to be. And I’m relinquishing any hold on anything that might be, and I think, not look, not say, not feel. Is a good start.

There are plus points today though, conversation with someone has always been interesting. And was even more so today.

And debate pictures! I finally got them. And man, do I look funny. But it brings back sweet memories, and that’s enough to counter half the stupidity of today.

Someone said, I made a little difference in everything.

And that made me smile.


Sometimes I think that He’s always been there for me, trying to speak to me, always always looking out for me. I believe this, only because only now do I realize that the people around me have always tried to speak to me His words.

Only now, do I see what they were trying to do for me. And only now, do I really appreciate all that they have been trying to do.

Even if I didn’t understand that particular look then, and even that particular gift, I know now, how significant it was, how precious it is, and how much it really meant. To me, to you, to Him.

Sometimes I think, that I truly am really.

(Sometimes I don’t think, and still I know it.)

Thank you.

Whenever, Wherever

Nicole is sitting in McDonalds, somewhere in Petaling Jaya, and is surrounded by male hormones everywhere because there’s a huge screen in front of her, and everyone is watching sweaty males kicking a ball and every once in a while someone screams, “Stupid!” or “Goal man!” or even “Kick the fucking ball properly!”

She feels weird. Because she’s not really paying attention and typing furiously away at many random things, (and wondering and rethinking and contemplating about adding Mr. Teddy Bear in Facebook) and is chatting away with Ling J-Cyn who doesn’t seem to want to tell her what she means by saying that Nicole’s description of Mr. Teddy Bear is really _________.

Nicole is only here at McDonalds and will remain here for the rest of the hour until possibly eleven at night because she was stabbing her Statistics book over and over again and was about to tear her hair out. She cannot solve Probability related questions for an extended period of time. It kills her. Chemistry is not a really good alternate option as well, and onlining in McDonalds with just a miserable cup of coke is much much better.

The males around her just screamed again, and she’s really trying to comprehend what’s so exciting about this game of football. There doesn’t seem to be any male on that screen worth watching and drooling over too. Maybe its just her.

Did he just use his shirt to rub the ball clean? Nice abs.

Should she or should she not? Hmmm.

She’ll get back to drinking her (nearly finished) coke now and watching the males around her scream. She’d just like to mention that men are really interesting creatures. Just then, a group of three was just chatting about things like his grandfather committing suicide and having four wives, while his uncle also committed suicide when he was four, and the other saying that his mother was the mistress and the third going all, “Whoa, suicide! Why’d he kill himself?” “Oh, depression you see.”

It was an insanely fascinating conversation.

Nicole misses someone.

Yes, Jia Yi. Nicole misses you more. Haha.