Breaking Free

During the past week, there has been some changes in my life. Some major, some merely things I relearned about myself, and I realized now, that I’ve done some things I’ve always deemed as impossible, never to happen, merely regrets. Or perhaps, dreams.

Like debating. I’ve never had the chance to actually debate before, not counting those times in the quiet library when I debated with Pui Yee and Chitra on literary issues. Or the petty ones in class. Even when I auditioned, or rather, tried to take part in the school debate team, I never did make it. And I never thought that I would actually participate in debate in college either.

The fact is, I had a lot of fun during that weekend in my college, participating in the annual debate competition, Battle Of Minds. If I could sum it all up in just a word, it would probably be this: Wow.



Not only did I meet up with so many wonderful people, I had the time of my life then.

Sam and Elsha, them celebs posing for the camera. Haha.

Sam and Elsha, them celebs posing for the camera. Haha.

No takey we piccy!

No takey we piccy!

Amanda and Bernard

Amanda and Bernard

My partner was Larry Nyanti, and I wasn’t even sure when we paired up together if I could work with him. Its simple. Its because I was pretty much afraid of him. I’ve always heard mentions of his name in classes, in my room especially. (*hint* Sam!) And almost always, these two words were the one that popped up together with his name. “A legend, genius.” Honestly, I felt pretty pressured, afraid that I’d drag him down.

But then, after three days of working of working with you Larry, I think we did a pretty good job together. We had times when we got over our heads, had times when we felt so screwed but still made it through, and we had fun. We made it as far as He wanted us to.

Larry and I

Larry and I

It was good working with you partner, and am so very proud of you. Congratulations for getting the 6th Best Speaker as well! (Both of us had no prior experience in this before after all, and to have actually made it to the semis! Thank you Lord.) And I’m still grateful for this chance to actually get to know you Larry. You’re a great guy, and I now know why so many girls admire/are after you. Haha. (I’d say now, that I can read you a little. Maybe more than I think.)

Funnyman Simran

Funnyman Simran

One of the best things about the weekend was getting to know these few guys even better. It was like having something that brought us together, and we gave our all together, that we bonded. :)


Funnier guys. :D


I look funny in this picture, but its still a nice one. :D


Great picture by Larry. :)

Kenlee and Jonathan

Kenlee and Jonathan

Little things bring joy to me. Like a rainbow arching over the sky, in front of Ole Ole, right beside Giant. Like the clouds resembling fish scales, stretching far beyond. Like getting 7th Best Speaker. Like being able to stalk someone. (*coughs*) Only those whom I’ve told will understand who I’m talking about. And I’m getting over it. Really. Its just.. So cute, you know?

Moving on.


During the finals. :D

Did I mention that my awesome roommate Samantha Sii and a very special friend Elsha Liew were the Champions of the competition? Funny how weeks before, both often said to me that, “I’m so bad at debating! ‘insert-partners-name-here’ is so much better! I’m afraid I’ll cause us to lose!” It was till I told them both that I didn’t believe what they said, and see, wasn’t I right? Congratulations, Sam, El. You know that I’ve always believed in what you could do, and I’m glad that everything went as should for both of you. You deserve this win, and Sam, you know what I mean. :)

They hadn't believed that they won. See their astonished faces?

They hadn't believed that they won.

Champions of Battle of Minds 2008!

Champions of Battle of Minds 2008!

(Sam, Elsha, both of you are very special to me. Joash is too, and I love you guys loads. I’ve never actually spoken to anyone the way I did to you three, and the fact is, that you three did help me open my heart. And only through you three, did I ever. I’m trying, learning, changing, little by little. Trying to heal, and I thank you three, for letting me to lean against you, for understanding. For being the, to. It’s hard for me, but I’m learning to let go, and for Him to take control.)

And why ‘Way Back Into Love’? Why this new blog?

There have been changes in my life, and I’ve decided to start it off anew.

I’ve been living with a shadow overhead,
I’ve been sleeping with a cloud above my bed,
I’ve been lonely for so long,
Trapped in the past,
I just can’t seem to move on!

I’m trying to break free.

All I want to do is find a way back into love.
I can’t make it through without a way back into love.
And if I open my heart again,
I guess I’m hoping you’ll be there for me in the end!

I’m relearning things.

I need inspiration.

I’m trying to love. I’m trying to heal. I’m trying to surrender.

I’m hoping.

I’m letting go.

Take me as I am.

Beautiful, beautiful end.

Beautiful, beautiful end.

6 thoughts on “Breaking Free

  1. nicole!!
    i’m so happy for u and larry la. =)
    Congratulations on winning.
    btw, i see Nadira too!! Nad and Larry, ayo i miss them guys. We were all in camp together.

    Hope to catch up with u soon darling : )

  2. Lind: AHEM AHEM LIND. No not cute at all! D:

    Diyana: Darling! I’ve missed you loads! Tak reply email saya pun. :( But hehehe, we should totally hang out together now that you’re nearer to me! Err, not that you weren’t before, but we very malas to meet up har.

    And Larry and I didn’t win lar. We didn’t do well in the semis actually. And didn’t make it past finals. Still, quite good for non-debaters before eh? Lol. Yeap, debated against Nadira twice too! She’s awesome fun. Same as Larry.

    Eh, like that when I hang out with you can bring them together! Hahaha. Just a thought.

    And see you soon too dear. :D

  3. eh how come all this photos i never knew got captured wan! haha!. Yes a new fresh start. I was just humming that song few days ago eh.. haha *huggies!* love ya girl :P

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