In Progress.

Will take the time to do up the layout nicely after I’ve finished with certain assignments, and tests. :) Am very excited to be twiddling, and fiddling with something new.

5 thoughts on “In Progress.

  1. heyyyyyyyyyyy girl!

    am going crazy.

    and attempting rhetorical speaking (and I’ve never tried debate either, damn it I wanna give it a go!)

    And samantha sii debates a TON okay. Her school placed 2nd to mine in debates last year.

    anyhow, shall tell you if I manage to inspire people or otherwise with rhetorical speaking!

    keep ya chin up and head up high, love. (:

    shall see ye soon (i hope!)!

    xoxo melissa

  2. I’m sorry for not replying the emails kay..
    I’m like so busy right now, you know. The trials are next week and my finals are like six weeks away. And you know la, as usual, I’m cramming my cranium at the last minute.
    I’ll reply them when I have the time k. Missing you lots and I have got loads to say to you myself. And I’m very proud of you too.

    p/s- Why is everybody moving to wordpress? I also want!

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