Whenever, Wherever

Nicole is sitting in McDonalds, somewhere in Petaling Jaya, and is surrounded by male hormones everywhere because there’s a huge screen in front of her, and everyone is watching sweaty males kicking a ball and every once in a while someone screams, “Stupid!” or “Goal man!” or even “Kick the fucking ball properly!”

She feels weird. Because she’s not really paying attention and typing furiously away at many random things, (and wondering and rethinking and contemplating about adding Mr. Teddy Bear in Facebook) and is chatting away with Ling J-Cyn who doesn’t seem to want to tell her what she means by saying that Nicole’s description of Mr. Teddy Bear is really _________.

Nicole is only here at McDonalds and will remain here for the rest of the hour until possibly eleven at night because she was stabbing her Statistics book over and over again and was about to tear her hair out. She cannot solve Probability related questions for an extended period of time. It kills her. Chemistry is not a really good alternate option as well, and onlining in McDonalds with just a miserable cup of coke is much much better.

The males around her just screamed again, and she’s really trying to comprehend what’s so exciting about this game of football. There doesn’t seem to be any male on that screen worth watching and drooling over too. Maybe its just her.

Did he just use his shirt to rub the ball clean? Nice abs.

Should she or should she not? Hmmm.

She’ll get back to drinking her (nearly finished) coke now and watching the males around her scream. She’d just like to mention that men are really interesting creatures. Just then, a group of three was just chatting about things like his grandfather committing suicide and having four wives, while his uncle also committed suicide when he was four, and the other saying that his mother was the mistress and the third going all, “Whoa, suicide! Why’d he kill himself?” “Oh, depression you see.”

It was an insanely fascinating conversation.

Nicole misses someone.

Yes, Jia Yi. Nicole misses you more. Haha.

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