Today, Today, Oh, Today.

I’ve had my fair share of stupidity today.

First, not zipping up after going to the toilet and parading in front of classmates, and strangers.

Until someone kind had to tell me, very seriously, to go back into the toilet again.

Secondly, running up and down and around, in chaos, because of someone in particular. Saying stupid things, and looking stupid, and acting like a total loon and being pushed aside as a result.

Never again.

And thirdly, saying ‘orgasm’ instead of ‘organisms’ for the Ethics presentation, three times, and not realizing it, until the lecturer stared at me and raised an eyebrow, and the class finally burst into laughter together.

It’s only because I never really said organisms aloud before, and ‘orgasms’ are so much shorter and easier to say anyway.

Oh, did I mentioned that I screamed at several people today? Not in anger, but in random nonsensical stuff, and probably confused the hell out of them.

There’s also the fact that I was hit so badly by the fact that it might never happen, will never happen, cannot ever happen today. It just can’t, and I just can’t. And then, there’s also the fact that he might be with. And I like her.

What will be, will be. And because of that, I think, it really isn’t meant to be. And I’m relinquishing any hold on anything that might be, and I think, not look, not say, not feel. Is a good start.

There are plus points today though, conversation with someone has always been interesting. And was even more so today.

And debate pictures! I finally got them. And man, do I look funny. But it brings back sweet memories, and that’s enough to counter half the stupidity of today.

Someone said, I made a little difference in everything.

And that made me smile.

3 thoughts on “Today, Today, Oh, Today.

  1. dear if nobody made mistakes, what a boring place this world would be. :P it’s just one of those idiotic mad days that we all get once in a while. though really, saying ‘orgasm’ instead of organism woke us up a bit and spiced up your presentation. lol

  2. oh btw,
    orgasm is a good word to catch the attention of your classmates. especially during a presentation which i assumed was a boring topic. kudos LOL

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