Falling Apart

Not because of a broken heart. And not literally either. Well, a little literally, but it isn’t dropping all over the floor just yet.

Imagine my knee dropping off just like that. Uh, bad image. Or my neck. Ooh, Sleepy Hollow-esque!

Anyway, I’ll get to explaining now.

Right at the start of the holidays, I did a foolish thing, and pushed my table with my knee in order to take out my laptop charger plug from the socket. And pushed out my kneecap instead. The blood seemed to rush into my head and it was the shock that made me stand there, screaming, “Shhhiiit!” Before I moved a little and it locked back in.

Then I wouldn’t move for fear my knee would just crack. Jia Yi and Esther just looked at me and went, “Urr, what just happened?” Haha. Explaining that my knee just went “in and out” shocked them too, I think. But that’s how it felt. Really.

Now I can’t walk properly, and it seems better, but that isn’t all.

I went to watch a movie with my Mum who seemed reluctant to let me go because I couldn’t really walk, squealing every once in a while.

Halfway through the movie, I laughed, stretched a little, and crick! I twisted my neck this time. Boo. Now I can’t look to my right, nor down because it hurts!

And both incidents occurred at my right side. I think its a sign, really. Or maybe I’m really as unhealthy as my Mum said, because I don’t go jogging every day since I went to college. Because jogging really prevents someone from twisting their necks and dislodging kneecaps or something. Jogging makes it all better.


Am sad, because gathering with friends is harder now. And I so want to meet up with them again! Call me! Send me a message! But because I’m in JB now, gathering for BRATs back at KL shall have to wait till I return.

Don’t plan plan and then don’t come lar, I very sad you know. The last time someone planned a gathering and it didn’t fall through I couldn’t get back home earlier and wasted my time moping.

So this time, make sure it falls through, yes?

Thanks Lind, I know you’re always the one planning them. And you’re the best, really.

Much love and hugs.


P/S: Shall now take a nap, and hopefully, I don’t make that twist in my neck worst with all my twisting and turning. But not taking one is making me cranky. Guh, I hope I don’t do anything worst and sprain anything else. Bah. Toodles.

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