Class of 9M2

Hey classmates of mine who actually visit my blog, please do stop by this album, Class of 9M2.

I’ve actually placed some pictures of us during demo, and random class activities in Facebook. And you might enjoy some of them. :)

Like this one.

Doesn’t Fang Wen and Julius look like a couple? Haha! Sorry Jonathan Chua. But it does seem that way, if not for the fact I know that she adores you. Hee.

Or this funny picture with Fang Wen reminding me to tell the world that Boon Tung almost always got 100% for his History last time and is the funny man in class, alongside with Julius, the lamer.

Bryan is starting to learn from them. They’re very cold.

So enjoy folks, them many pictures in the album. :)

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