CS Outing

Had lots of fun meeting up with dear ol’ Honey Tang Potato Kuan Shuen whom was the first one I saw when I finally reached good ol’ City Square, and gossiped with about a particular someone. Haha.

Poor Honey was so shocked and upset that she didn’t know. Well, I didn’t know myself until she told me, a week back. Pooh.

Anyway, it was a fun outing with wonderful Yong Pei Ling whom seems to have grown sweeter, more lady-like, and surprisingly, more lovey-dovey. Hoho. Jeannette Lai, and Li Min came too! And Leay Ying, Asther, Ke Er, etc, were all supposed to come too, but they came late and so, we split to two groups.

I have no idea how they spent their time, but me and gang had lunch, and watched this super gory movie which left me the chills (Pathology), and I think I’m never ever gonna do that ever. Despite not being 18, I could still enter though, and somehow, that tiny little thing kinda left me hyper.

Hmmm, boring ol’ post, which really is just to inform darlings that pictures have been uploaded, and I’m really too lazy to put them all up here too, so just clicky this linky.

It’s been grand, meeting all of you again, and listening to various stories. Sad ones even, and hilarious ones. Everyone’s growing up and I think of that always, whenever I find out something new, or really feel like things have changed so much.

That’s the way how things are supposed to be, but it feels weird, and sometimes, I just wish that I could turn back time, or just have that chance to see what would’ve been if some things were just different.


I miss you guys. :)

P/S: Jeannette, please go here, to save the pictures, okay? If there’s a problem, just contact me. :D

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