To The Twin Towers We Go

Today, I woke up with no expectations whatsoever for the day ahead, because I knew deep down, everyone was really dreading today, and was contemplating to go or not to go.

In fact, if it weren’t the fact that I was Leader, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to go as well, and probably lamented the whole night before.

I mean, to go to KLCC and to go to Petroscience and to fiddle with kiddy stuff, stuff we probably learnt all back in High School, or Primary School. I had fond memories of that place a long time ago though, of running through DNA structures and crawling through tunnels and avoiding looking directly at Shynee’s ass as I crawled behind her. (Strangely enough, I didn’t seem to see all those exhibits this time ‘round.)

I was half tempted to send them all a message saying, “I know you don’t want to go, but get your asses up and head for the bus stop NOW.” My other side won, and I sent them a more courteous message.

I figured out more or less than two to three people would bail out, and true enough, some did. Some did tell me, and explained rather thoroughly why they couldn’t make it a week before. With even funnier and cuter smses, like, “Sorry lar sis, really cannot make it.” Or even starting it so sweetly that I couldn’t help but forgive him anyway. “Dear Nicole. Terribly sorry..” What girl could be mad at a guy who apologizes like that? (Hah, so I do fall for this kinda things, so sue me.)

I decided to reward those who decided to turn up with a small packet of Tam-Tams, or biscuits. Nothing much, but just a small appreciation token. Bus ride there was uneventful, ‘cept for the duet I did with Sam. (Couldn’t forget that night of awesomeness.)

The thing is, I think I act bimbotic, or jumpy at times, just to ease the atmosphere, lose the tension, or to get everyone to loosen up and relax.

Petroscience wasn’t exactly as how I remembered it. There were some new gadgets, but mostly old ones, and some had even been banned. Like that swing thing that I fondly remembered swinging on like an ape with the others then. Now, there’s a new rule that says no climbing. Was kinda shocked, seeing how that it was really fun to actually push and pull it then.

I’ll admit. I didn’t find it terribly interesting in Petroscience, and I thought the others felt the same as well. Though, certain games were quite cool. Fun too, to go through certain games with them pals. Funnier too, to see them guys so absorbed in those physical like games. Or their faces when they went down the slide, haha! Too bad Simran, too tall eh? And really, some girls like them guys tall.

Long story short, Petroscience was quite cool, like reliving childhood times. Souvenir buying later was very in-te-res-ting too. And Simran, I so wanted to hit you for that sorta smirk on your face then. Guh. Don’t push it pal. I am so over it o-kay.

Food. Was. Great. Uh. Absolutely. And it wasn’t that expensive too! And we’re in KLCC dudes! And the price wasn’t that much higher than the food we find in Shah Alam! Like, how unfair is that?

I found out new things about some of them guys too. Like how Hong is smooth. Seriously didn’t think he had it in him. And how Iduan is also a camwhore.

And seriously, Miss Irda is from SIGS! Coolness! Aside from the fact we’re from rival schools, that is. But hoho!

Hmmm, shopping! Books! Yum! Terry Prachett! Five of his books, and four with Death! Oh gosh, I’ve just read one finished in three hours, and I feel bloody guilty for not doing Biology instead. But my hands are still itching to hold another. Gah.

I think all in all, this Ko-PLN trip to the twin towers was fun. It went better than expected. It was funner than expected, and everyone co-operated and tried to have the best fun as well! And that’s the best, really.

Thank you guys, for actually making it, and not bailing out on me. And also, for having fun together.

It’ll be a fond memory when I look back and think of Ko-PLN in semester one.

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