Attack of the Mummies!

I love them loads. :D

Meet Mummy El with funny face, Mummy Esther with bubble wrap, and Mummy Sam with Sushi!

Sam, Elsha and Esther! They’re the best, really. If not kinda scary in Mummy Mode. And if you’re wondering what Mummy Mode is, its when they get all fussy, huffy, “No! Don’t touch that, it’s dangerous!” and etc.

See, I was sick, since Sunday, and Elsha cooked for me chicken soup! Which I didn’t drink oops, because of some misunderstanding, err haha? Really appreciate the thought though awesome Mummy El!

Then Mummy Esther and Mummy Sam didn’t let me eat laksa or lasagna or rice or chicken because it wasn’t good for me. :( They made me eat plain ol’ soup! Sad. But they’ll treat me when I get well, yeay.

They’re so awesome being Mummies, that they keep asking me to sleep, eat properly, eat my medicine, and often ‘tapau’ for me healthy food – as healthy as it can be anyway – to makan. Haha.

Mummy Sam even offered to massage me so that I’d get better, err which freaked Mummy El out. Haha.

Thank you Mummy Sam, Mummy El, and Mummy Esther! I love you awesome gals. :) I’m getting better! *sniffs* All thanks to you guys and your mucho love.

Muacks, baby Nic.

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