Ask And Yer Shall Receive

If you’re wondering why Nicole has certain locked posts, it is only because she loves to gossip. She’s a mean evil witch who likes to blab blab blab. Hahaha!

Really, did you think she was that mean a person? Of course not!

Nah, she’s just teasing you. Don’t take it to heart.

She’s keeping certain posts locked because of the fact that she likes her privacy, and certain posts are locked because some people probably would not appreciate what she’s written, as it’s really related to the newest love of her life. Which isn’t Mr. Teddy Bear by the way. This newest love of her life shall remain for all eternity.

They are however, not that personal. It’s just that she doesn’t like certain eyes reading them and she apologizes for making them a whole big deal by making them protected. Because there have been some who’ve asked for the password, and she’s given it to them, and they find said post really boring actually.

So, if you’re interested, don’t mind wasting twenty minutes or so reading Nicole’s ramblings, she might consider giving you said password. Oh, and said password doesn’t work for all protected posts, because she’s not that idiotic, really.

Nicole’s just saying this now, because she knows some friends are still waiting for passwords to be sent to them through e-mail once Nicole has posted a locked post, and then thinks they can’t have it when she doesn’t.

It’s not that, friends. She’s just too plain lazy and doesn’t think you’re interested anyway. And well, if you are, just ask. :) She loves you anyhoo.

One thought on “Ask And Yer Shall Receive

  1. Lolx..having passwords does give the MYSTERY factor to your blog..but never mind, we appreciate your unlocked posts ;D

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