Have Faith In Change

Sometimes, I just feel like no matter what I do, or what I don’t do, things will never ever change. I’ve been praying for one. I’ve been having so much hope, that yes! Things are going to head for the better now, and the hurt will be gone.

But it’s something different now, that still fuels it on and on and on.

And I know its due to the past hurts that hasn’t been resolved. My hurts are gone because I’ve surrendered, I’ve given them up. I’m healing, and I know its true. I believe.

But the hurts of hers hasn’t. And I can’t do anything to help, because I’ve tried. And I’ve failed miserably. It isn’t my task, my duty to do anything anymore. I’ve surrendered that up too, and prayed that someone else takes hold of her and shakes her and prays for her and make her understand and love love love Him as I do. More than I will. More than anything.

It hasn’t happened yet. And the hurt has escalated. And I fear time is running out, for another, for another whose hurts far greater and braver than anyone else ever, will break and crumble and sleep forever.

Oh Lord, save them. I’m having faith and believing that things will change, that these things will come to pass and be nothing more than that crack upon the pavement that we walk upon to reach You and Your glory. Because You will fulfill Your promises, and I believe that You will do great things for the ones whose hurt outweighs their own strength to go on. But when they come before You, You shall heal away the hurt, You shall give them strength, and You shall be their reason for living, for You are their reason for being.

I trust that You will deliver. For You are great.

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