Midnight Heat

Just so you know, I’m feeling rather stressed out for Statistics exam tomorrow, because I have absolutely zero confidence in being able to do Probability questions after always having flunked them in previous exams.

And being in a grouchy annoyed, ‘poke-me-and-die’ mood, doesn’t help much either.

Worst still, I’m working my brain off trying to do them now in said mood, and the weather is so freaking hot I just want to kill myself and die first.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Sam, don’t pull up your shirt, I don’t wanna see a thing. Bleh.

Why so hot! Hot! Hot!

I’m tired.

Oh I can’t wait for tomorrow to be over.

Oh, I forgot. So many things are waiting for me after exams. Oh, I’m going to be so frazzled, and sheesh. I will not fret over such matters anymore.

Leave me alone.

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