You Can’t Change This.

No human can.

I’m tired. I really am. It feels like I’ve only a darkness in my heart, a heaviness, an uneasiness upon me. I can’t explain it. Perhaps, only a collection, a jumble, a mixture, a clump, a broken heart caused by so much fears, so much worries, so much what-ifs.

Because there is naught to do anymore, but to surrender, and to surrender is hard, because of uncertainty, because of nothing else but faith and trust, and nothing else but moving on, going on, mechanically, like a robot, like a dog, like a King, because that’s the only thing to do.

Who’s to save you? Who’s to save me?

I’m swimming in darkness. When I close my eyes to pray, I feel something overcoming me, eating me, drowning me in so much fear and I have to open them or I’ll die.

I’m so scared.

Only You. Only You.

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