Once. Upon. A. Time.

I never make resolutions, and even if I did, I never follow them precisely. I don’t plan things, I don’t plan what I’ll do, or try in that future. Even if I did, I won’t remember that I did.

I’m that sort of person.

I have short goals in mind, but never long ones.

Because I believe in taking things one step at a time, slowly, carefully. Living each moment, savoring every little detail.

The year 2007 has been grand. Because there were new things that I’ve learned, witnessed change. Change in other people, change in bests friends, change in myself. (Though, there were those who will never change, at least, not for the moment.)

This year, a time of family healing, family togetherness, family.

New beginnings, over and over again in the year, never ending, because I’m ever learning.

New beliefs.

Strange how I couldn’t think of moving on from the safe 2007. But right now, 2008 holds so many new meanings for me.

I won’t reveal each and every one of them, because, I’m really lazy. And because, it’s about me. It’s about getting results, waiting, it’s about college, it’s about love, it’s about so many, and many and many, I’m too lazy to go through them all, when I have them all right here, in this blog and another which is locked, and all for me, to go through, and remember, remember.

One thing’s for sure, I never quite completed my New Year Resolution for the year 2007. (:

*[[New Year Resolution for Year 2008]]*

1. Complete the Trails of Destiny Series Book 1. It must be done by the end of this year to be published at all costs.

2. Obtain grand results for Form 6 or in a pre-U school in Singapore.

3. Lose weight.

4. Read as widely as possible to improve in writing and in gaining maturity in certain matters.

5. To appreciate life. To appreciate everything and anything that happens to me.


I don’t know. I don’t quite like detailing every single thing I’ve done, did, will do.

I don’t like thinking up of a New Year Resolution too.

Tiresome. (Someone will probably smack me on the head for saying this. D: )

But, I will anyway.

*[[New Year Resolution for Year 2009]]*

1. Revival.

2. Debate.

3. Write.

4. Learn.

Happy New Year everyone.

P/S: Though I probably won’t be blogging about it, Christmas was fun. My sister’s birthday was too. (Uh, pictures shall wait.) And I will never, ever forget how my Mum was so kiddish, she opened her present secretly two days before Christmas because she couldn’t take the suspense.

I had to tie it parcel-like with rafia strings after that.


P/P/S: And she so squealed after Hugh Jackman came out in that suit, shaved and all in Australia. She so did.

Book 0

Guess what?

I am finally, finally finished with Draft 1 of my Book 0, which is, in a way, history, background of the war behind all the books I’m planning to write – with Book 1 halfway done – and oh gosh.

I’m just so freaking glad I’ve finally finished it, 175 pages in MS Word, and more or less 52,900 words.

I’m just absolutely so happy Zephyr’s story is done. Because I like him, despite him being the villain and all, and oh my gosh, Sarah’s death was the hardest to write, coupled with Dorathea’s death, and the way to the end was just torturous that I just bulldozed through.

It left me rather unsatisfied with the quality of my writing, despite having finally finishing it after, well, a month and 22 days.

It’s a rough draft, and I’m going make it grand.

Right after I’m done with Book 1. (:

Special thanks to Sin Yee and Pui Yee who encouraged me to continue during NaNoWriMo (Which I didn’t win by the way)

For Pui Yee for being captivated by the story line, complimenting the characters, and making me oh-so-delirious – giddy with joy, really – because she’s really the reason why I started writing. And yes, I hoped Sarah is as awesome as you’ve hoped her to be.

For Sin Yee, for reading it, criticizing it, loving it, and telling me to always WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! GAMBATTE! She’s always there when I need to moan, to cry about writing this scene or the other. For names, for ending it just right, and for starting. She’s really my driving force, and I love this girl to bits for pushing me forward. She’s also the only one who truly knows the full storyline, nearly all the characters, and that’s after three or four years of explaining.


Am happy.

What’s The Best Thing About Not Being Able To Walk?








That’s whats it like, having a crazy family, while not being able to walk.

Me: I want to go Jusco!
Mum: How are you going to walk?
Me: I’ll hop around with the stick.
Mum: Oh ya, Jusco got that wheelchair hor.
Jie: Mum, bring Wern-cheche along. Cause then we get to park in the handicapped area!
Ting: Okay, let’s go!

Me: I want to go toilet.
Ting: *pushes me to where normal people go*
Maid: Eh, nanti, sana tu, untuk orang cacat.
Me: … Experience of a lifetime.
Ting: I’ll remember this forever.


On another note, I’m healing.


I was recalling how Elsha, and Esther, and was it Sam as well, who had analyzed that one dream of mine of you-know-him and you-know-her, and their conclusion at the end.

So cute.

I’m still rather, mildly, freaked out by that dream by the way, and I wonder if I’ll ever tell the persons involved that I’ve dreamed of them before. Of them singing and being somewhat like rockstars, and doing the oddest things.


I probably wouldn’t.


He jabbed me with a huge needle! It hurt! It really, really hurt!

And he couldn’t get any blood from my knee anyway!


Oh, I’ll be more coherent now. Because the swelling in my knee hadn’t gone down, the genius doc decided to jab a needle and suck up all the blood.

BUT, my skin was either too thick, he wasn’t that adept with the HUGE needle, or something, or rather. Oh yeah. He said that my blood clotted already, was too thick, and thus couldn’t be sucked up. And he jabbed me two/three times.


But it didn’t. So there.

Uh. OH HAYZ. YEAAZ. Apparently, I don’t have asthma! Woohoo! BUT! I have shortness of breath and might probably be anemic! Wheeeee!

Blood circulation not good. Doesn’t reach to my head fast enough. Tongue dark around the sides, indicating poor blood flow.. Too big sized. Yeash.

I’m just feeling icky right now. Because my mop of hair is feeling pretty oily, and icky. I can’t even go to the toilet properly without my Mum having to help me wear my underwear, oh my goodness. I feel like a total baby.

People stare when I hop to the doctor’s office. THEY STARE LIKE I AM A GIANT HIPPO WHICH ESCAPED FROM THE ZOO.


Heal faster! Heal faster you damn knee!


I’m done ranting now.


P/S: Thanks for the best wishes guys. Esther, Eugene, Juzblue, HoneyHoney, and pretty much everyone else who knows. Will heal. I know it. SOON. Will not let it hamper going back to school. Heehee.

The Old Injury Strikes Back

Oh. Oh. Oh. It really sucks, when all I can do right now is roll myself about using that roller chair, because I simply can’t use my left leg, and thus, can’t walk.

It simply isn’t fun when an old injury in the knee decides to strike back.

I mean, I thought it was nothing. Many thought I exaggerated anyway. I mean, a kneecap coming out and in again?

Still, the Chinese physician today said it was something like, my kneecap pressing in and causing the synovial fluid pouch, or something to break open and surround my knee, and it’s swelling up now. Did I mention that I had no idea what he was talking about, and seriously, I’m supposed to know. Since, y’know, I’m gonna be a doctor and all.

I suck.


And he so knew that I have been sleeping late, just by looking at my tongue!

He just went like, “Stick out your tongue.” In Chinese of course, and then I did and he immediately went, “Been sleeping late huh.” My Mum struggled not to laugh.

Oh. Yeah. And he’s gonna poke needles into my knee tomorrow if the swelling doesn’t go down by then. I’m scared. Mum says he’s probably from China, and is pretty adept in acupuncture.

Freaking out now.

And if you’re wondering how I got into this mess.. I did Masala Aerobics today. And it was only for about five to ten minutes, and I was just about to attempt this one move.. When my knee just gave in, made a loud crack, at least, maybe it’s all in my head, but I could feel it, like, move. And then I just fell over.


Seriously. I’m weak.

Not happy.

P/S: Not being able to bath was one thing. Not being able to walk around the house when I’m thinking, plotting, is another. : (