Alert! She’s being a moron again!

You know what frustrates me? The fact that I did not do my best in camp because I still couldn’t get over the gloom and despair of those problems. Those problems that must be solved right after it ends, because they’re just that urgent.

Being busy didn’t help make me forget.

I merely nearly, or already did screw up in all that I did, and probably didn’t make a good impression, simply because I couldn’t pay attention. I kept thinking back, on how, and what, and when. What if she –

I was quiet. I didn’t say much. Weird, my friends would say, you’re the one whom rambles on and on, the one who isn’t quiet, the only one in class who would scream, shout, jump up and down till you get an asthma attack. Because you’re not quiet, not when you’re around people.

I guess I really need a time off. A time to think. Quiet time.

It was wrong timing.

It’s frustrating. Frustrating, because I’ve regrets.

I’ll do better next time. I won’t seek all that I usually do. I need to get over myself. I need to take things in stride and not let petty issues, even if they’re pretty serious, to hamper what I do.

What if I kill a patient next time?

Golly gee.

P/S: Thanks Elsha, reading Psalm 37:3-11, and Psalm 39 helped. And I flipped through randomly to Psalm 40 last night, the last verse, and it really, really helped. Frustration somewhat abated.

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