Because I Love You

I had an amazing time in my first semester. It wasn’t that I loved studying, or, anything. But the fact that I met new people, learned so much, spiritually and mentally. I changed perspectives, I changed.

It isn’t easy to tell the aspects in which I’ve changed. It’s hard, because there will be some who won’t understand certain choices I’ve made.

But still, it’s a learning process, and it’s the choices and steps that I’ve taken that has changed me. And though you, the reader will not understand, cannot understand, I know, that for now, I’ve made right ones.

I know I’ve made some wrong ones too, I’ve made wrong steps. But I’m learning still, and pushing forward.

I thank the people who’ve been in my life, and changing me, by just being there. It’s all of you.

Thank you.

There was debate, in which I first did, for the very first time. It was awesome. It was amazing, and I still thank you, thank you, for giving me the chance to actually be able to do it. It was fun, and having been able to partake in both Battle of Minds and the Vice Chancellor Cup, is a total honor.

And then there was that. That which I can’t speak freely of, as of now. Because I still haven’t yet told the most important people that I should’ve. But the experiences that I’ve encountered were endless, were wondrous, were amazing, were magnificent.

I had a taste of something I’ve never longed before. And it did change me. In more ways than one. It hurt. It was different. But I learned something from it as well.

My roommates, are crazy people. And there’s the addition of the fugitive who often comes by. They’ve been awesome, they’ve been great when I was down, and they bring laughter and joy all the freaking time when we’re in one of our high moods.

Nicole: My mum wanted to pay me fifty bucks to sit on the car.

Jia Yi: What, go sit lar!

Nicole: Dun wan!

Jia Yi: If my mum pay me fifty bucks I’ll sit.

Nicole: It’s so small, how to fit?

Jia Yi: Then sit the horse lor.

Nicole: Ee, my mum pay me how much also I don’t want.

Jia Yi: Sam’s mum don’t have to pay her anything also she’ll sit.

Sam, Knight In Shining Armor

Sam: My heart feels like its fallen down in the Mariana trench.

Elsha: Huh, that’s deep.

Sam: Yeah, its like, jumping jumping right down there.

Elsha: *Snort.* Cute lar your heart. I want to be your heart.

Sam: Huuhhhh? You don’t want to be my heart, you’ll get stroke all the time.

Sam: Nicole! There’s an emergency!

Nicole: What?

Sam: My butt is here.

Elsha: Next time I’m going to tell my kids bedtime stories about science, like Physics stuff.

Sam: Next time Im going to tell my kids bed time stories like this.

‘Once upon a time, you mother was a movie star, and she was closely acquainted to Brad Pitt.’

Esther: Wow Sam. Your poor kids.

Sam: Thank God I’m single. The end.

As my roommates know, I multitask, and to do my work, I have to listen to music and do a variety of things before actually concentrating. A habit of mine before getting started in work, is to write down emotions plaguing me at said moment so that I’ll push it all away and start serious work.

And that day in particular, I merely wrote one line, and freaking Sam pretended to be interested in something else in my computer, pushed me away, clicked open my document, and read that one line, and burst out laughing so freaking loud, and couldn’t stop, and then blamed me for she could’ve died laughing.

Pssh. Sam’s mean. Don’t let her pretty good-face look fool you. Bah.

And said line was merely this anyway. Hmph.

He has such a sweet, sweet smile.

Oh, yes. Hilarious short messages from friends crack me up too. There were even instant messages that totally made my day although they were really random. Some left even though I was offline, like that from a dear Lim Hui Wen.

Kenlee: If I don’t join debate, then what will you do?

Nicole: I’ll cry.

Kenlee: Lol. But big girls don’t cry.

Nicole: Today the sun is especially bright! I know why! It’s your birthday today!

Chitra: Are you blaming me for the hot weather?

Lim sent 11/20/2008 3:30 PM:
hi,it’s have u been lately. i suppose u are going to have your holiday soon,or maybe u already had it.
Lim sent 11/20/2008 3:33 PM:
how is ur life there?still interested in becoming a doctor?i hope so.that is a very promising job.hihihihi
Lim sent 11/20/2008 3:34 PM:
i really miss u.isn’t it sweet?hope to meet u soon.
Lim sent 11/20/2008 3:35 PM:
bye byeand take care always.muakkkkk

You know what’s awesome? The fact that though we’re far apart, we’re all connected by a bigger, greater force. And I believe that He is working, working through us, through me, through little things, and that brings us all together as a whole.

It’s amazing.

Oh. And here are the pictures I’d promise I’d do for Esther dear. My lovely roommate. I’m not that great with computer thingamajiggys, but I’m glad I could, at least, come up with these few pictures.

Meet Mon.


And this other attempt, isn’t quite that nice. But still.


And Esther Bond.




More Elmo~

Elmo 2

I choose you, Tarata! Go!


And this isn’t very nicely cut, but I didn’t know how else to do it. And I know my pronunciation is bad. But meet Ah Yi! Or, Yi Ah!

Ah Yi

Oh. By the way, I think I’m falling in love with this guy. Sorry Jon, for not telling you which anime I was watching that day. I’m still not telling though, unless you can guess which anime this guy is from. This episode was simply teh awesomez.


Memories all dancing around me.

I’m glad I had the chance to be here. I’ll make the most of it. And thank you, again.

P/S: Like, the new update thingamajiggys in WordPress, is so cool! I like the new structure and all. Yeay. Wanna see? Check this out!


Okay, bye. :D

4 thoughts on “Because I Love You

  1. ER, Esther and El look so cute as Agumon and Elmo respectively!!!hahahaha.Tarata doesnt have any superpowers pathetic. U din put anything in for ah yI.>>

  2. omgosh!!! so pai seh!!!!!!! LOL!! I was laughing like mad when I read this post. lol

    ala, i’m already missing you guys la. Can’t wait for 4th Jan 09!=D

    time for a toast : To many more years of friendship =D lol

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