Vice Chancellor Cup

Because I’m simply too lazy to blog all about it. Let’s just let some emotions and words and thoughts of the days before do the playing.

When we had reached.



1. THBT Killing in the Name of Scientific Research is Justified

2. THW Not Allow Elected MPs to Change Their Political Parties


I’m tired and depressed, but I’ll give it all to the LORD because He is the one who raises me when I’m down. He is the one I should solely focus on no matter what.

3. THW Ban Racial-Based Schools


4. THW Support A NATO Intervention in Congo

Oh My

5. THW Not Allow Players With Disciplinary Problems to Play Internationally

I thank You God for letting us go this far God. That each win and each failure was for a greater purpose LORD.


6. THBT Death Penalty Is A Punishment of the Past

Hakim The Cute


7. THBT The First World Government Should Never Bail Out Collapsing Private Companies

I was really down when we did so badly for Semis, but I know, that no matter what, it serves a greater purpose.

We didn’t make it into Finals, but still we praise Him.

Praise The Lord


8. THW Unite Syariah Law and Civil Law Systems Into One

The End.

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