Mummy Dearest Rocks

Because she does. Really.

I love my Mum. A lot. Many people say this, but if you told me to speak of that one person I truly admire and trust, and love, I can say my Mum, come up front to speak of her, and cry. It happened before, didn’t it? In Form 5 when Chitra practically made me go up front, and I very nearly broke down before of that overwhelming sense of love for her.

We’ve been through ups and downs. And there were definitely many trying times that we’ve faced together.

But wait, I’m not here to tell you all this. I’m here, because, Mummy, thank you, thank you. Sometimes I feel that what I say aloud alone is not enough, but words, words too, made a little difference.

You rock, really. I mean, hey, how many Mums out there are going to get a tattoo done with their daughter? And to suggest it in the first place? And to steal a tattoo parlor’s advertisement scroll thingy – as huge as those maps on Malaysia my school had before – just to show me the various kinds of tattoo they could do.

And to get me to do a makeover. And spending so much on me. (I know you did the same for little Sis, but I don’t really need it.)

I can’t bear to shop, you see. Even if I like that particular shirt, jeans, whatever, I can’t bear to part with my money to get it. And usually, it’s my Mum who forces me to buy clothes. I’m a reluctant shopper.

She bought for me a freaking watch worth RM700+ just because I said it looked nice. I didn’t want to buy it. I mean, it’s so expensive! I need a watch, yes. But to buy one that.. It’s beautiful, yes. But!

She bought it for me anyway. And I love it.

Today, I went to Jusco wearing slippers, jeans – Pn. Azlin hates it because it had patterns on it – and a random shirt I wear to sleep most of the time.

I came back in new socks, shoes, jeans and shirt, plus a vest.


That’s how awesome my Mum is.

I wanted jeans. And I got the best, of the best. Even though it was extremely, freakishly, mahal!

Thanks Mum. I love you. I love it. You really didn’t have to spend this much on me, and yet, nothing but the best for your kids huh. Thank you.

Oh, yeah. She made me wear them out the store.

She couldn’t take the fact that I was wearing slippers, and insisted I needed new shoes. (My shoes are spoiled yes, but they’re still usable, right?)

I got this.

New Shoes

Wore it out of the store again. And cause I hate wearing shoes without socks, she got me a pair too. What a Mum.

And then, Mum helped me camwhore. Insisted I do my hair before photo-taking, haha. When I only wanted to take shots of the jeans and shoes, anyway. Because they’re that awesome. Mum went off to take a couple of shirts for me, and it was suddenly time for Chinese New Year shopping, and she bought them all for me.

Mama and I

Funny Faces

A gift, she said. Even though, again, again, oh my goodness, they’re so freaking expensive and my heart just rolls and rolls all around in my stomach because I can’t bear to part with my Mum’s money just to get them.

I feel absolutely guilty because she spent so much on me.

I just can’t feel good.

But Mummy. I really appreciate what you’ve done for me. And I really want to repay back your kindness, your love. I don’t know. Saying it, hugging you, loving you, doesn’t seem enough.

I promise. I promise.

I’ll do something that will make you so proud. Make you so happy, make you so exultant. I want you to be happy. I want to help you fulfill your dreams. And I will.

One day. One day.

I promise.

I love you Mum.

Mommet and I

Ignore the mess behind, haha.

I love you Mommet.

Kissy Kissy

P/S: I call my Mum, Mommet most of the time. It’s kinda some inside joke within my Mum’s side of the family. Somehow or rather, my Bro started this affectionate term, and everyone started using it. My cousins call their Mums, Mommet. And their Dads, Poppet. <3

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