The Old Injury Strikes Back

Oh. Oh. Oh. It really sucks, when all I can do right now is roll myself about using that roller chair, because I simply can’t use my left leg, and thus, can’t walk.

It simply isn’t fun when an old injury in the knee decides to strike back.

I mean, I thought it was nothing. Many thought I exaggerated anyway. I mean, a kneecap coming out and in again?

Still, the Chinese physician today said it was something like, my kneecap pressing in and causing the synovial fluid pouch, or something to break open and surround my knee, and it’s swelling up now. Did I mention that I had no idea what he was talking about, and seriously, I’m supposed to know. Since, y’know, I’m gonna be a doctor and all.

I suck.


And he so knew that I have been sleeping late, just by looking at my tongue!

He just went like, “Stick out your tongue.” In Chinese of course, and then I did and he immediately went, “Been sleeping late huh.” My Mum struggled not to laugh.

Oh. Yeah. And he’s gonna poke needles into my knee tomorrow if the swelling doesn’t go down by then. I’m scared. Mum says he’s probably from China, and is pretty adept in acupuncture.

Freaking out now.

And if you’re wondering how I got into this mess.. I did Masala Aerobics today. And it was only for about five to ten minutes, and I was just about to attempt this one move.. When my knee just gave in, made a loud crack, at least, maybe it’s all in my head, but I could feel it, like, move. And then I just fell over.


Seriously. I’m weak.

Not happy.

P/S: Not being able to bath was one thing. Not being able to walk around the house when I’m thinking, plotting, is another. : (

3 thoughts on “The Old Injury Strikes Back

  1. Wish your patella a speedy and full recovery before your beloved ALM restarts… thankfully knee and foot injuries do not affect your God-given writing talent or your dormmate’s God-given pianist fingers =)

  2. Hey, get well soon!! If you’re miserable about it, think of it as a convenient excuse to just write and write and write… you can’t do much else anyway. ;P

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