He jabbed me with a huge needle! It hurt! It really, really hurt!

And he couldn’t get any blood from my knee anyway!


Oh, I’ll be more coherent now. Because the swelling in my knee hadn’t gone down, the genius doc decided to jab a needle and suck up all the blood.

BUT, my skin was either too thick, he wasn’t that adept with the HUGE needle, or something, or rather. Oh yeah. He said that my blood clotted already, was too thick, and thus couldn’t be sucked up. And he jabbed me two/three times.


But it didn’t. So there.

Uh. OH HAYZ. YEAAZ. Apparently, I don’t have asthma! Woohoo! BUT! I have shortness of breath and might probably be anemic! Wheeeee!

Blood circulation not good. Doesn’t reach to my head fast enough. Tongue dark around the sides, indicating poor blood flow.. Too big sized. Yeash.

I’m just feeling icky right now. Because my mop of hair is feeling pretty oily, and icky. I can’t even go to the toilet properly without my Mum having to help me wear my underwear, oh my goodness. I feel like a total baby.

People stare when I hop to the doctor’s office. THEY STARE LIKE I AM A GIANT HIPPO WHICH ESCAPED FROM THE ZOO.


Heal faster! Heal faster you damn knee!


I’m done ranting now.


P/S: Thanks for the best wishes guys. Esther, Eugene, Juzblue, HoneyHoney, and pretty much everyone else who knows. Will heal. I know it. SOON. Will not let it hamper going back to school. Heehee.

One thought on “OH YEAAZ

  1. wow… awesome courage you have indeed. Perhaps Dr. genius should have referred you to a bona fide phlebotomist instead of attempting it himself. Hope to soon read a blog post about you being able to hop around like a kangaroo instead of your lumbering hippo description.

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