Book 0

Guess what?

I am finally, finally finished with Draft 1 of my Book 0, which is, in a way, history, background of the war behind all the books I’m planning to write – with Book 1 halfway done – and oh gosh.

I’m just so freaking glad I’ve finally finished it, 175 pages in MS Word, and more or less 52,900 words.

I’m just absolutely so happy Zephyr’s story is done. Because I like him, despite him being the villain and all, and oh my gosh, Sarah’s death was the hardest to write, coupled with Dorathea’s death, and the way to the end was just torturous that I just bulldozed through.

It left me rather unsatisfied with the quality of my writing, despite having finally finishing it after, well, a month and 22 days.

It’s a rough draft, and I’m going make it grand.

Right after I’m done with Book 1. (:

Special thanks to Sin Yee and Pui Yee who encouraged me to continue during NaNoWriMo (Which I didn’t win by the way)

For Pui Yee for being captivated by the story line, complimenting the characters, and making me oh-so-delirious – giddy with joy, really – because she’s really the reason why I started writing. And yes, I hoped Sarah is as awesome as you’ve hoped her to be.

For Sin Yee, for reading it, criticizing it, loving it, and telling me to always WRITE, WRITE, WRITE! GAMBATTE! She’s always there when I need to moan, to cry about writing this scene or the other. For names, for ending it just right, and for starting. She’s really my driving force, and I love this girl to bits for pushing me forward. She’s also the only one who truly knows the full storyline, nearly all the characters, and that’s after three or four years of explaining.


Am happy.

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