Once. Upon. A. Time.

I never make resolutions, and even if I did, I never follow them precisely. I don’t plan things, I don’t plan what I’ll do, or try in that future. Even if I did, I won’t remember that I did.

I’m that sort of person.

I have short goals in mind, but never long ones.

Because I believe in taking things one step at a time, slowly, carefully. Living each moment, savoring every little detail.

The year 2007 has been grand. Because there were new things that I’ve learned, witnessed change. Change in other people, change in bests friends, change in myself. (Though, there were those who will never change, at least, not for the moment.)

This year, a time of family healing, family togetherness, family.

New beginnings, over and over again in the year, never ending, because I’m ever learning.

New beliefs.

Strange how I couldn’t think of moving on from the safe 2007. But right now, 2008 holds so many new meanings for me.

I won’t reveal each and every one of them, because, I’m really lazy. And because, it’s about me. It’s about getting results, waiting, it’s about college, it’s about love, it’s about so many, and many and many, I’m too lazy to go through them all, when I have them all right here, in this blog and another which is locked, and all for me, to go through, and remember, remember.

One thing’s for sure, I never quite completed my New Year Resolution for the year 2007. (:

*[[New Year Resolution for Year 2008]]*

1. Complete the Trails of Destiny Series Book 1. It must be done by the end of this year to be published at all costs.

2. Obtain grand results for Form 6 or in a pre-U school in Singapore.

3. Lose weight.

4. Read as widely as possible to improve in writing and in gaining maturity in certain matters.

5. To appreciate life. To appreciate everything and anything that happens to me.


I don’t know. I don’t quite like detailing every single thing I’ve done, did, will do.

I don’t like thinking up of a New Year Resolution too.

Tiresome. (Someone will probably smack me on the head for saying this. D: )

But, I will anyway.

*[[New Year Resolution for Year 2009]]*

1. Revival.

2. Debate.

3. Write.

4. Learn.

Happy New Year everyone.

P/S: Though I probably won’t be blogging about it, Christmas was fun. My sister’s birthday was too. (Uh, pictures shall wait.) And I will never, ever forget how my Mum was so kiddish, she opened her present secretly two days before Christmas because she couldn’t take the suspense.

I had to tie it parcel-like with rafia strings after that.


P/P/S: And she so squealed after Hugh Jackman came out in that suit, shaved and all in Australia. She so did.

2 thoughts on “Once. Upon. A. Time.

  1. haha..i set resolutions every year. It’s like a tradition that every year after returning from a crowded countdown celebration, i’ll take out last year’s resolution and read them again and laugh at those immature and insane thoughts or goals I had planned. Then, I will need to write a new set of resolutions before I can go to bed. Lol

  2. hahahaha! I haven’t set my New Year’s Resolutions yet… hmm. but i hv one resolution to bring forward frm 2008, cz i didn’t achieve that one.

    hehe tradition for me too. Hear hear, Esther! :P

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