Well, What Do You Know.

I’m gonna be so busy with so many things, I’m in rather a daze, and unsure where to start. Sorry, Simran, if I seem too out of it whenever you ask me things. Because I’m still trying to sink in the fact that I agreed to THAT.


I just didn’t want to, either, YOU KNOW. But like you said, I can’t think of anyone else either. And you were so desperate, I felt bad too.


I’ll try the best I can.

I’ll try to make a difference.



I wonder if things will turn out well though. Seriously. I’m not cut our for the job. I’ve never been in that position before, GOOD CHANCE TO LEARN RIGHT. YES.

I’m cranky. Sorry. I just hate self now.

For various reasons, and not this, and you’ll never know, because I won’t tell you, and if you’re you, the you I think you are, you couldn’t possibly understand, but maybe you will, but I won’t know, cause you won’t tell me about you as well.

It’s always a deal.

Always one to make.

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