Won’t You Be So Kind?

To get me hard-covered, mint condition, awfully lovely, books?

Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books!

The Silmarillion.

And as funny as this is, I’d love to read this as well. If you have it, and could allow me a quick peek, I’d love you forever as well.

The Secret Book of Gnomes.

Andrew Lang’s books will probably cause a fortune. There’s twelve of them! I want the Blue Book the most-est of them all wheeeee. (:

Will save on my own, and get them from Amazon.com, hopefully. Or if I get to go to all those major bookstores in KLCC and manage to find, oh, for joy, a hard-covered, illustrated, unabridged, awesome Blue Book.

I’ll splurge.


But if you will be so kind.

I could settle for paperbacks. ILU.

Hee. C:

2 thoughts on “Won’t You Be So Kind?

  1. hi, i’m Eunice (abit obvious this statement).used to be in CA as well =) was randomly clickin blogs from betty’s page n here i am.

    yea i know it’s random,but jz in case u wanna know, andrew lang’s fairy books are mostly available as ebooks on gutenberg.org . of course, if u still want the hardcopies, better delete this comment or u prolly won’t get them from your frens…. =p


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