It’s Been A While

Since I’ve updated. Because really, connection at my hostel is so bad I just wanna go bammm!

Logging onto ebuddy or MSN just ain’t o-kay. So yeah, sorry if you don’t see me around and I said I would. Because, yeah. Sometimes it just sucks, ya know?

Hey Sin Yee, how have you been? How’s work? Got accepted to that hotel yet? Resumes? Story? Your reading up on that plan I told you to? How’s everything in general? It’s been a while.

Hey Chitra, you’re so weird. You sent me that, like, when? Two months, or three, or four after I sent you those stuff? You made me go, ‘huh, what’s she talking about?’ to ‘oh my goodness, you’re so outdated already lar!’ Funny girl. How are you? How’s Alpha? How’s stuff? How’s grandma? How’s Aunt? How’s life? It’s been a while.

Hey Pui Yee, how was your exams? Anymore coming up? How’s your plans to go to that oh-so-prestigious Uni? How’s your writing? Finishing up on NaNoWriMo? Found anyone yet? It’s been a while.

Tharani, you B*. You never sms me, never call me, never say you miss me, and you’re leaving so soon already. I hate you. I’m crying here, you know. You’re mean. We couldn’t even make out one last outing, sigh. Packed already? Kissed boyfriend(s) goodbye already? Got thongs all prepared and stuff? Bad girl. I’ll miss you. You’d better write, and e-mail and everything. It’s been so long.

And for the rest. How’s life after SAM? Call me, sms me, e-mail me.

Lindley, Melissa, Diyana, KenKen, Shyan Jhin, Josh, Jessica.. I’ve so many people I haven’t talked to in a while, haven’t gone to blogs, and all, haven’t sms, or haven’t replied, and so many, and sigh.

How are you guys?

I miss you all.

It’s been a while.

4 thoughts on “It’s Been A While

  1. Alah. Don’t merajuk la.
    I miss you k. I thought that goes without saying.. =P
    Sorry la cause never call you or sms you often, no time la.I promise I’ll keep in touch with you and waaiiit for you to come join me in manipal k?
    Miss you loads la, I keep thinking about schooling days and I was just telling priya about our smuggling-food-into-library days.
    I want to cry la, I want to read porn magazines with you in class and skip library duty and go city square lepak with you like those days. Sob sob.

    p/s- thongs are not coming with me, they will be home, hidden in my drawer and no, I’m not hanging them up on my door knob.




    how are you!!!

    Life is insane, preparing for exams and trials and competitions. such a whirlwind, such a fast paced race.


    I MISHH YOU. and inane MSN conversations about anything.



    xxxxxoooo I LOVE YOU LOADS OKEH!

  3. its been awhile alright! haven’t hear from you and not quite sure what’s been going on in your life. let’s go makan sometimes. gimme a text when you’re free! wanna hear everything from you.

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