Oh Darn

So much to blog about, really. Y’know, about first birthday not being home with brother who’s born on the same date, and debate – The National Novice competition, and stuff like new love found.

Yeah. Loads to talk about. Hmmm. Can’t remember what else I wanted to blog about. Was I supposed to blog about how being on crutches suck so bad, especially with a doctor who keeps telling me not to eat cause I’M TOO FAT?

Yeaaah. And how it’s busy busy busy with no internet connection in the hostel that I could die. Urgh. But I’m surviving. Luckily Toshirou my Toshiba survived. Cause if he had died, I’d cried.

Tharani’s gone to Manipal, and has a friend named Jesse. Jesse! Like, how cool is that? Sorry. For those who don’t know, I rather like names starting with ‘J’. A fetish maybe. But yeah. ‘J’ names are always awesome. Especially Jesse. I wanna know a Jesse! Haha.

Am freaked it’s already Wednesday. Only few more days before I’ve to go back to King’s Valley and I haven’t even read my very very much missed comics which I’ve missed for months!

But there’s Ethics to worry about, and Biology, and awwwwww man! I want more House!


I find Prince Albert very interesting. (;

7 thoughts on “Oh Darn

  1. And what do you mean by NEW LOVE FOUND?? Oh, you just know that we’ll zero in on that phrase and think of nothing else. :P Who is it??

    And you named your Toshiba Toshirou? Haha, I think my bro named his phone that, after the 10th Squad Captain of Bleach. Which Toshirou is yours?

  2. oh.. i can see you like people starting with ‘J’. =P

    Lol nice way to term our lovely study home. It IS King’s Valley.

    And I manage to download Folie a Deux! =D.

    Oh I am still working on my part for ethics folio. Almost done. will pass it to you real soon.

  3. Juzblue: Yeaaash. New love found lol lol. But not the way you think it is. :P And hahahah! Yes, the same Toushirou! :D

    Esther: And my secret is revealed. :) Man, Ethics suck. And yeah, I keep having people asking me what I’ve done for Bio. And I haven’t done anything. LOL. <3

  4. Oh dear…Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!!!
    I know its too late but still….dun scold me….
    I never remember friends’ birthday…even my dad…kaka…
    Wish u all the best~

  5. LOL> babes, what King’s Valley??? LOL. now i dont understand every single thing u say like i used to.. *sad a bit this* ah well hehe. I like J’s too! but not the name jonathan la. too cliched for me. On the other hand… I like Jesse too! Im in love too. But I’m not sure why. i just feel like I am in love, for no particular reason.

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