I have extremely cute friends. Friends who go with their trademarked, “Whoo!” (It’s not even a Woot!, but a whooo!) and “Sexy beast! Sexy beast!” after every idol show. Friends who sing in the shower, going, “She works hard for the monehhh~” or even singing in the bedroom with lyrics I have yet to decipher. :D

Esther's trademarked whooo!

Esther and her “Whooo!”

Friends who have that wallpaper on her laptop since ages ago, predicting the final three, and swearing allegiance to the one and only Sexy Beast! Friends who have all the AI videos since the first audition. And all the songs, be it studio version, or live.


Sam, and the wallpaper she made up, ages before she even knew who were the final 3! I had assumed some kid drew it, and she loved it so much she had to put it up. Go figure. :P

I can’t quite choose between the two, because choosing either one will get the ire of either friend.

Still. It’s gonna be one heck of a show! :D



Truth to be told, I can’t quite decide who to support for. :P But they both rock! Woot for the Idol Fever! XD

2 thoughts on “Fe-varrr!

  1. Hahahaha..The pics are so hilarious and creative. I never knew i said that. I must be a true fan at heart. =P

    Thank gosh he is in finals then. Or not AI might loose a mega fan here =P


  2. Hey !!! Even if Adam Lambert wins, Kris will still make a debut album bigger than him k..haha. Nic. That pic of me looks funny.Its my all-new karate pose:P Then again, every pic of me is funny..

    Quote Darshini: ” I cant wait to see the humble sexy beast in the finals!!!”

    and all the kris fans say AMEN.

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