Oh heart, stop it!

Much going on, with too little words to tell.

Just a note to say, hey I’m okay and well.

There’s also this one little thing I have to add.

Oh heart, I know they’re hot and all, but please stop that!

P/S: For more information, please click this and that, and yes, loads of pictures so it might take some time to load. Samantha Sii? For you especially, please click this. Esther can too, and you’ll surely snigger.

2 thoughts on “Oh heart, stop it!

  1. I actually click “this”, “that” and “please click this” only to find that they’re all the same. LOL

    Some pictures actually got me laughing OUT LOUD! Never see it coming, all the different sides of Hugh Jackman

    • Noooo! “that” is all about James Marsden! LOL. :D “This” and “Please click this” is about Hugh Jackman hahahaha. Can you imagine my heart went like, ba-dump-dump just looking at HJ’s pictures~ :D :D :D

      Knew you’d laugh, haha!

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