Happy Happy!

My class has a blog! Shocker! Well, actually, it really isn’t. Isn’t it? I mean, once you’re free enough, bored enough, screwed on not so tightly, and fun enough, you’d definitely do something like that.

But yeah. My class has a blog!

And it’s called…

Happy 9M2! (Hence the title.)

I adore my classmates. (Eventhough most of them are really really weird. And sane ones are few. Like me.)


Clear Skies

It’s wonderful when someone says things you want to hear. Reliance. Being provided for.

But it hurts, because they really aren’t saying the things you want to hear. Not really. It’s hidden behind the same familiar phrases, the same ol’, same ol’.

I need time to rest. Need time to read, to think, to delve deeper and deeper, and become refreshed once more.

You understand.

P/S: I do need a reminder to blog about J-Cyn’s awesome birthday party for three days. The awesome fun day that Elsha came down to Shah Alam for a day of fun and camwhoring and whooohooo! And also, and also, oh yeah.