Happy Happy!

My class has a blog! Shocker! Well, actually, it really isn’t. Isn’t it? I mean, once you’re free enough, bored enough, screwed on not so tightly, and fun enough, you’d definitely do something like that.

But yeah. My class has a blog!

And it’s called…

Happy 9M2! (Hence the title.)

I adore my classmates. (Eventhough most of them are really really weird. And sane ones are few. Like me.)


2 thoughts on “Happy Happy!

  1. =] Same here darling, happy to know that our class got our own blog, that’s really awesome isnt it? :) Btw, which group am I in? The weird one? Or the sane one? or the normal one? lol.

  2. Three days to blog about my birthday? I’m so touched. Which group am I in too? If everyone is sane in 9M2, it will no longer be Happy 9M2. Classes will be super boring and dull. Thanks to that person that sits beside you. And plus a super blur girl and a cool class rep that shared about his first kiss. Life is college is so much fun and enjoyable.

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