Happy Birthday Esther Westher!

Happy 19th Birthday to dearest dear Esther Lee Hui Li who’s totally amazing awesome and beautiful brilliant and okaylar, cantik and cun! Err, very much a darling, so Esterific! And Bond-ish for that matter. :) And funny and great grand gila and you’re aware that I’m not using the dictionary for any words, so my words are lame and limited, but Esther, you’re highly adored, and held up high, and irresistible. Not joking. Loves jelly? Would say Jelliific but no such word exist ya?

Esther! gasp!

Don’t shoot Esther! HAHA. I’m such a Joker, and you’re such a Christian Bale, but you love me kan. :D

Esther is also a kaki makan, kaki jalan, and very kute! HAHAHAHAHA. I’M SO RUNNING OUT OF WORDS.

Esther food!

Esther loves taking pictures of FOOD! Live to eat indeed!

And Esther loves me and I love Esther and we love Esther cause Esther is so lovable, lovely, and lucky to have us! And me! Cause Esther is majestic, magnificent, and many many more things right! And I memang sayang Esther! Cause Esther is nutty, naughty and nice at the same time! Oooh, excellent packaging ya. (The only words I can think of that comes after N is Orgasmic.) HAHAHA. Okay, Esther made cutting cutting motion when I said that word too many times in Ethics once.

Esther hat!

Esther glasses!

See, she so cute kan kan? :)

Esther paling best! She’s pretty, an Esther of perfection, and perfumy! Cause she’s an Esther! Getit? (Oh gosh, so lame. :P) Not queer, but very much the epitome of quality. Cause both brains and bod, babe! And and and rarely gets mad, and always so cool, and hot and and really respectable.

Esther is super sweet super salty super sour super spicy. Cause Esther is a surprise! You must get to know her to know how special she is! And Esther is totally terrific unique. And she often volunteers to help the worldddddd! See, Esther is awesome. That’s why Esther is also wonderful and errrr, seXy? XD Oh oh! She always go XD! XD XD

And Esther is…. Ze most magnifique. :D

Esther mask!


This is New!

Due to circumstances, and if you know me through and through, you’d know what.. I’ve decided to keep all cute posts with rants and whatnot under this nifty password protected thingy.

Hey! I did that before innit? And hey! I only give certain people the passwords!

But whoops! I totally forgot about those who wanted it and those who didn’t.

So, to keep matters easy and smooth and whatever, I’ve decided to stick to one password! Whee.

And if you want said password, hey, e-mail me. You know how. Know who to ask to, I think? Or not, comments are very welcome. And I’ll get back to you asap.

What’s under password protected stuff? Oh gosh, scandal lar I tell you. And I’m only mostly kidding kidding. Just rants. :)

Love you people.

How Annoying.

You totally know what I mean.

When you wish that you could be sick so that you could skip a class or two, and then you remember exactly why you hate being sick in the first place.

And when stuff happens and it’s irritating because you can’t really come clean about it. I really should do something about it.


Aish. I really wanted to be back there. Being pressured about scoring well for Biology – which I really did study for btw. And English Speaking Trials, and Maths test – which I didn’t really.

And most of all, for singing my heart out. I don’t understand how it turned out to be this way when the signs were clear. But I supposed I’d never know. Knowing that someday it’ll be better makes me happy.

Supposed its because of my changed mindset? The attention seeking, grabbing me? It makes me really think and seek answers and yes, maybe the decision to go back was right after all.

Even though it hurts. It really really does. All for Love makes me cry whenever I play it because I can actually sing it now. Funny how things work.

Pei Ling, Steffie’s coming over and don’t know who else. I wish I hadn’t gone back just to meet them again, to laugh with them, and cry and tell them everything that’s happened. And sing with them.

One day. One day.

It’ll be better than today.

P/S: I actually miss taking Bio test. How crazy is that?