Just You Wait!

I don’t have my hard disk with me. My external or whatever it’s called. I usually just call it Maxtor.

Therefore, I’m unable to post up drool-worthy pictures of my Karl.

I have, however, finished with the draft of the post designed to convince you that he rocks. So, 9M2. WAIT FOR IT.

P/S: This began with Low Boon Tung and shall end with him. The event of Camilla talking to me about Fang Wen’s birthday celebration and causing Star teacher to call upon me resulting in Boon Tung proclaiming loudly that we were talking about cows probably sparked this first.

Because Star promptly begin to talk about methane and how cows released them all into the air causing the atmosphere to thin and whatnot, and yes, cows cows cows from New Zealand are so much better than those from India, and I’M REALLY GOING TO HURT YOU SO BAD ONE DAY FOR SAYING THAT AND CAUSING THIS AWFULNESS TO HAPPEN.

Now the whole class has gone against me in this matter. And what matter is this, confused reader? It’s a matter of the awesomeness of Karl Urban as opposed to whatever they say about him. More explainations in the other post. :)

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