Aish. I really wanted to be back there. Being pressured about scoring well for Biology – which I really did study for btw. And English Speaking Trials, and Maths test – which I didn’t really.

And most of all, for singing my heart out. I don’t understand how it turned out to be this way when the signs were clear. But I supposed I’d never know. Knowing that someday it’ll be better makes me happy.

Supposed its because of my changed mindset? The attention seeking, grabbing me? It makes me really think and seek answers and yes, maybe the decision to go back was right after all.

Even though it hurts. It really really does. All for Love makes me cry whenever I play it because I can actually sing it now. Funny how things work.

Pei Ling, Steffie’s coming over and don’t know who else. I wish I hadn’t gone back just to meet them again, to laugh with them, and cry and tell them everything that’s happened. And sing with them.

One day. One day.

It’ll be better than today.

P/S: I actually miss taking Bio test. How crazy is that?

2 thoughts on “Quarantined

  1. I actually screwed Bio test and immediately after the test I am searching for past years. How messed up can I get? =X

    I take it that you are healthy now since even blogging is possible. =P

    Hey, for this week just drop everything as much as you love it and take good care of yourself so that the problem won’t persist, k?

    Once you are well, gorge down plenty of water and oranges. Thats what I’m doing now.. Lol

  2. Duh,miss you too. And weirdly enuf, i do miss Bio test once in awhile now. Ha :P

    No worries, plenty of time to meet up. To laugh with u, get crazy together, cry and of couse sing together for the love the Dady gave ;)

    Take care for now girl ;)

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