This is New!

Due to circumstances, and if you know me through and through, you’d know what.. I’ve decided to keep all cute posts with rants and whatnot under this nifty password protected thingy.

Hey! I did that before innit? And hey! I only give certain people the passwords!

But whoops! I totally forgot about those who wanted it and those who didn’t.

So, to keep matters easy and smooth and whatever, I’ve decided to stick to one password! Whee.

And if you want said password, hey, e-mail me. You know how. Know who to ask to, I think? Or not, comments are very welcome. And I’ll get back to you asap.

What’s under password protected stuff? Oh gosh, scandal lar I tell you. And I’m only mostly kidding kidding. Just rants. :)

Love you people.

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