Hmmmmm. I’m never fond of medicine, I think all of them suck, whether it be Strawberry flavoured cough meds, or even blueberry cough drops. I spit it out instantly eventhough its supposedly good for me. :(

But yummmmm, this cough droplet, or jujubes, or something, is delicious! I mean, seriously, I’m beginning to think that it could just be a placebo, you know, candies. Since it really looks like one. Kinda like House where he played his patients by giving them white candies that were supposedly pills to make that one patient better.

The human mind works in mysterious ways after all.

I think I might actually eat more of these meds than I should. :P

Blur Jujubes!

P/S: On the other hand, the good Doc said that I’ve tonsil infection. :(

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