Random Thoughts During Raya Break.

When You’ve Too Much Time To Dream.

#1 I’m less embarrassed being caught reading comics than gossip magazines.

#2 Spend way too much time perfecting things that cannot be perfect.

#3 I have a sudden recollection of Cedric singing a Bob Dylan song when we were at the library playing with his Isobath. I snickered out loud.

#4 My heart aches every single time I read that prequel because I’ll fall in love with them all over again and get my head in twists again. Whoever said fictional men weren’t hot hadn’t read about this guys. Way better than Mr. Darcy in my personal opinion.

#5 Is pissed that the flu and cough makes singing aloud horrible sounding. My voice sounds like its coming from a swamp with bubbles popping out. Or like a slimy snake sliding through mud, whipping stones out of the way. Better stop singing then. Sigh.

#6 If I could actually meet Jensen Ackles, and if he would notice me and give me that particular look, I would never be the same again.

#7 I’m going to name my kids Jamie and Rion.

#8 I had no idea my Naruto collection of photos far surpasses my Harry Potter collection. I have to rectify that.

#9 I had a picture from that cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender as my wallpaper. For a moment I feel like I should strangle myself. After looking at it again, I’m less mortified and feel more justified.

#10 I feel like a misplaced geek in a world of intellects.

#11 My friends crack me up with their silly lovable trifles with one another. Ah. I’m going to start saving their conversations and tease them in the future.

#12 I learned new words like moot and visceral and I need to find ways to incorporate them in my daily life.

#13 Loves Sam for her chocolate milk.

One thought on “Random Thoughts During Raya Break.

  1. On Fact 5#
    I caught the flu bug too. Followed me around for the whole week. I still have cough and phelgm. I hope you have healed too=D

    On Fact 6#
    I’ll probably faint…actually no..if it’s Adam Lambert or Wang Lee Hom, then I’ll faint

    On Fact 7#
    Hmm…Rion is a pretty cool name=D Easy to spell, unique

    See u tmr XD

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