Fun Fun Fun Birthdays!

Birthdays are overrated.

Oh wait, it isn’t?

No! Not when good friends were born on that day. Not when they’re so totally awesome and wonderful that, man! They deserve a flour toast!

This happened when we randomly decided to surprise Simran with cake in Bistro. I was the bait, luring him in with mentions of debate and tournaments. Half of the time I was zoning off when he was speaking, just thinking, “Hey, when are they coming in with the cake!” And surreptitiously smsing them to hurry up!

Though, it tidak sangat jadi cause Simran could see the reflection of the flames from the window in front of him. Still, there was cheese cake! Sang, Esther, Sam and I sang the birthday song as loud as we could and we had fun. But still, the awesome flour-throwing was yet to come.

I initially though he’d suspected it, seeing as how I was clutching Sam’s bag all the while, fingering the flour. Wanted to throw right in front of Bistro, but he still seemed clueless, and it wasn’t the right atmosphere.

Then he wanted to walk us girls back. :P Now, that was an opportunity just waiting for us to hit on it. While he was busy eyeballing the Akasia busstop announcements, I tapped gently on his shoulder, and hit it. :D

The result was awesome.

Poor Guy

I really love the fact that Deborah, a most amazing girl, actually agreed to barge into Secret Recipe, where about 25 of us were seated for the party, and shouted, “Simran! How could you leave me last night? I hate you!”

His expression was PRICELESS. His mouth just fell open, and his eyes terbeliak man! I was so close to just cracking up and laughing right there and then. But it would have ruined the mood, so I waited until someone else laughed before I did. Of course, I didn’t plan all that. Didn’t even know it was coming, and yet, seemed like I was the main culprit eh. Built a reputation for myself, hahaha.


Then it was time for Esther! The lovable awesome roomie!

Esther Westher’s birthday celebration held late! It was almost a not-surprise but we pulled it off in the end! It was just one of those awesome days of hanging out, making lame jokes and watching people wearing couple-wear and shuddering at it.. And watching the movie G.I. JOE! (The movie quality sucked! I want my money back!)

But that doesn’t matter, cause the whole day still went awesome. Without the cake and flour in her face. LOL.

Meet Allbert Shecky! Hee.

Allbert Shecky

And then there was the other eggy, Pepsi-wet, flour and cake celebration. For Theng’s birthday, and Daniel’s and Bradley’s belated. : ) Now, that was an experience. It first started with me pretending to cry as Theng Theng consoled me. I do think that this is a rather personal matter, with me not lying, and her so concerned. It was an intense moment, and I felt terrible for pulling it on her. I thank God Theng understood. And thank God for His timing, because the cake came soon before we were to go.

We ate cake, and then Larry initiated the prayer for them for their AUSMAT trials. Daniel, Graham, Theng and Bradley were all standing in the middle and as they closed their eyes, we stretched out our hands, and waited patiently for that someone to pour flour into our hands, ready to throw.

With that one core word, I aimed cake. And someone threw flour over everyone else. And then someone – I haven’t found out who! – threw flour directly at my face. And then the war began.

Eggs were thrown, chocolate cake.. and more flour!



Towards the end, when I was about to head back, J-Cyn managed to pull an incredible feat. She poured Pepsi all over my Superman T. I screamed so loud, even guys staying blocks away heard me.

And I got Miranda Orange on her eventually. XD

Grrl Power

It was so fun, seeing Sam chasing Larry all around the court, him saying, “Don’t! Don’t!” and laughing in that way of his while she chased him with such intent. Hilarious. And Jonathan Wong purposely standing at the edge of it all, saying, “I didn’t do it! I didn’t do anyone, so don’t throw at me!” He got it anyway, haha.

Daniel was hilarious himself, kicking off slippers, and running awesomely fast to get people. And the sentence he said just right before, “Hah! My slippers are off, you’re doomed!” Or something like that.. :P I just know that I couldn’t stop laughing after.

God Given Friends

Theng rubbed egg all over my hand. And Esmond pulled a chunk of chocolate off my hair.

And Sam and I forgot to bring our room key. And we were locked out. We were white, flour all over our hair and bodies, with various other icky sticky mixture of liquids and solids and we went to see someone important to our block to help us get some technician or someone to break open our door.

It was embarrassing. And we were so dirty! To think that we could only get clean after waiting for quite some time. Thankfully we weren’t locked out altogether.

And last but not least, was the funtastic Bryan’s birthday in which his roomies and friends, tied his hands and legs with those thick tape, dragged his ass to Dataran Cemara and we creamed him with flour (obviously) and rotten eggs (fantastic!). We had pizza and basically spent the night just throwing stuff at the tough guy who twisted his way out of his hand bonds and merely sat down at our onslaught. :D

Finally legal boy!

Hari Malaysia Boy

Picture courtesy of Camy.

But yes, it was an amazing experience altogether. It was so much fun! All four birthdays were memorable, wonderful, and yes, they are all beautiful people!

3 thoughts on “Fun Fun Fun Birthdays!

  1. *rotfl*
    Haha, tis would be my instant reaction if not tat im actually reading all these in the office now :P

    Lol.But guess u all really had fun, tats wat we called youth girl!!
    Aww,u guys really rocked. So miss the time with flour :P

    Take care girl, love ya ;)

  2. I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, :)

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

  3. Wah~ so ganas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I am the prank queen, seems like I was so wrong…You guys are far more ganas than I did.
    Oh no, why not me the one who threw flour on Simran, I want to see his expression XD.

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