Oh Ashley!

It’s been a long time since I felt the push to write again. I gave up a few months back, thinking that it would get to no where. I’m not good enough, and even the fact that no one in my school currently, shares the same passion – has stopped me from continuing Ashley’s story.

Who’s Ashley, you may ask. Why! She’s the main protagonist of the book I’m currently attempting to complete. I say attempting because I’m crazy.

I don’t understand why it is that when I’m busy, I do this to myself. I’m busy. Really. So busy with so many things that I don’t even want to talk about, and situations and complex ions… (See, Chemistry has officially made me nuts.) It’s Semester 3! Apparently Hell Semester! I say, I agree somewhat. (Thing is, when things are tough, you see God’s goodness surrounding you as well.)

Doing this to myself means pressuring myself to write, write, write. And that hour used to write – usually 1/2 am – could actually be used to study! That extra hour can be used for so much, and I choose to write. It’s difficult recently. But yeah. Is it alright to persevere I wonder. (But I love writing! But if it isn’t meant to be.. There’s always something better?)

Ah life. Oh Ashley. You’re stuck facing the predicament that you might not be so normal after all, no matter how hard you try. And Zanefier is fighting the laws of the old. And I don’t know how to continue.

Maybe next time then. :)

P/S: Playing around with bold-ing and italics-ing is fun!

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