Remember The Time?

Hmm. I used to tell myself, that the purpose for having an LJ was to write about writing there only. Problem is, I’m such a perfectionist that if it ain’t pretty, I don’t like using it and will use it no more. Deleting past posts and starting anew is troubling because all the pretty comments goes away too. Eh, I like them. Eh, I’m weird like that.

Making them all private seems a good idea, until I feel like something’s lacking. Restarting bores me to tears, because refriending people takes a while. :( And I like my username now!

Ah. Bore.

Back to the main reason of blogging.

To whine.

I WANT TO WRITE SO BADLY. BUT I DON’T KNOW WHY THE WORDS JUST WON’T COME. There is trouble in paradise. Why won’t you just resolve yourself? :(

Sigh. Sigh. On another note, I love chatting with Arky. Much love. :) I had a few cool ideas to incorporate in due to her help! (It did inspire me a little, but doesn’t seem to help much in the writing area. Aw.)

I want to write. Why won’t you come back Muse?

Song currently listening to: Jump – Simple Plan

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