Easy Silence

It seems to me that every time I start planning out a blog post, I never get it done anyway. It’s the spontaneity that matters right? Haha. Not to mention that I’m always busy with something or rather, and if you say, “Hey! I saw you on Facebook!” I say, “It’s easier to post a 1-sentence status, rather than a whole blog post. And I don’t know why I’m on Restaurant City anyway.” :P

It’s been a crazy hectic semester. And it’s only January. But it is still scary how fast time flies. It’s only 2 weeks till Chinese New Year, and then, and then.. Trials, and the likes. And yeah. Crazy.

I particularly dislike the part where we’re supposed to do an issue report and a practical investigation for our finals. It’s these crazily difficult thing that gets me on my nerves, induces me to tears and practically carves me from the insides when I let it. But I try not to. To cry over a stupid assignment is stupid. (I just can’t help it sometimes.)

Still, going strong, and trying not to let anything else bring me down. There is one factor that really contributes to holding me up though.

It’s these crazy people and their crazy fun antics that really make me appreciate college life.


This was when we went for that Bio Trip to Bukit Larut, in fact, my Facebook has plenty more magnificent shots, but I really like this cute picture. :D

Not to mention my insane, crazy, noisy, fun, exciting classmates! We can talk for hours about nonsense, tease each other, and spend so much making noise. We’re a naughty raucous bunch yo.

This is the more sophisticated shot. :P

And this is the 2009 shot with Fang Wen!

And also beautiful roommates!

Kalau nak letak gambar semua, memang susah. So let’s just say that many more of you make the stress go away, make me smile, make me happy, and give me that much more push to survive here. :) (I’d just like to give a big shout-out to all the juniors too! You guys/girls are magnifique! And totally awesome too!)

Thank you! I’m looking forward to an awesome February, and the rest of the year ahead! Yeay! <3