I never learn. I always seem to manage to make things worse for myself, one way or another. Intentional, or unintentionally. But in the end, I’ll pull through it, because making myself stressed out for nothing seems to be my thing lately.

It’s the trials soon and I’m really not prepared. It could be due to slacking and the mind set of, “Hey I have time later anyway. So why worry so much?” And then finding out I don’t have time anymore, and what am I doing? Blogging about the lack of time to revise. :(

I’m not worried, and I think that’s a bad thing. I just keep having flashbacks of my SPM trials when times were so bad then, and things just didn’t seem to work out. I clearly remember failing for nearly all my subjects then, and by failing I mean getting D’s and E’s.

Yet I managed SPM anyway. :P

But things aren’t the same now, and anything that happens is all because of my stupid time management skills and oh gosh I’m whining and whining and all I want to do is jump into bed curled with Mimo and sleep. :(

Unit 6 is killing me too. Gosh gosh gosh. The only thing that keeps me going now if the fact that I actually adore Biology. (Still trying to cultivate a love for Chemistry haha.)

And since my roomies are all stressed as well, we’ve come to singing this song in our room!

And just to spark me up to study, I have Rudolph stare at me across my desk. Meet Rudolph!

The End.

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