Brimming Sweating Lar

Truth to be told, I’m trying not to think about Unit 6, and yet I can’t seem to find anything to do online but to blog. I can’t start up reading stories, or comics cause I’ll be distracted, and won’t concentrate on studying, but currently, just for today, I don’t wanna study!

And I’m nearly done with my Bio report too. T___T Ish. So blog lar. After all, during my trials, when I was bored, I started taking random shots using my ultra awesome Camera called Camy lol lol and was contemplating posting them up.

Let me warn you though, they are superbly random shots. :D

It’s so hot, even the orange is sweating. Just so you know, its been crazy mad hot during those trial weeks.

Who could that be, I wonder. :D :D

Esther and Sammy agrees that the cookie looks like dearest J-Cyn.

The dreaded Chemistry.

Ala, I wanted to put up more pictures, but it appears time is not on my side. So randomness ends for now. Maybe you’ll see the rest on Facebook. Haha! :D

GO BACK STUDY NOW WERN. LOL. Okay, talking to self? I’m getting weirder. On noes!

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