I’ve Got The Power!

I’m a little frustrated currently. It’s been days since I begun searching for a project to do for my Unit 6, and I still can’t manage to find a proper method to work my project! :(

Today, was a relatively awesome day, with lame jokes, awesome, amazing people and a wonderful time altogether. But but but! I still can’t do my Unit 6, and it’s still on my planner, and oh, how I long to tick it away.

Help! Ideas, anyone! On a biology project! Tharani! Help! :(

Still, I can do it. Y/Y? Even if I’ve problems now, I must believe that I can overcome them. After all, minor problems cannot get me down. If they do, I shall never be able to rise above it.

Now, I just need to find a way to culture mouth bacteria, and find a research to ensure that they’re actually safe to culture. :)

I find it particularly amusing that while I’m emo-ing about Unit 6, Esther is watching Big Bang and laughing like mad, and finding the inspiration to do her own Unit 6 from Sheldon.

I should do that too. :P Watch Jared and Jensen NOM NOM NOM. XD

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