And Its All Well

The storm has currently pass, and all is well for now. :)

And yes, struggles might still come my way, but its already the final push. And then starts a whole new chapter, and a whole new fight face to face, of faith challenged, and victory already received.


The Mac Dilemma

I really need to keep this short, because MY A LEVELS IS COMING DANG IT. And here I am, yet again, blogging. And then I don’t blog when I am freer than I am now. Darn it Brain! Darn it you Writer’s Muse! Why must you come now?

Ashley’s pounding at my brain, demanding me to tweak at my stories by the way. Oh, and Esther is teaching me to use ‘by the way’ when I begin my sentences at random times.

Oh Yes. What was I saying again. Hmmm. Ah-ha! MAC.

I really need to get a new laptop because I’m afraid my insistent use on my Sister’s minute laptop will cause it to crash. I use it for long hours and for lotsa stuff and I’m so afraid of her killing me if Her Jazzy (what she calls her laptop) dies. I was thinking of giving her an Ipod to replace Jazzy. Hmmm.


Actually I don’t really need it cause I could always buy other high end laptops of other ranges, BUT BUT.

I really don’t know. I’m not a big geek on this kinda tech, and I’m seriously clueless and I’ve been asking for advice, and then I saw that they upgraded the new Macs, and I was like WHOA. I had been planning to get a Mac this weekend actually. Cause I need a new laptop asap. For various computer work, and then they upgraded and NOW I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

I don’t know if the upgrades are good, or they have some minor unknown irritating problems just as yet, and whether the shops will sell them to me with some bonus items, cause you know, they were promoting before.

And then upgrades only come with the 15inch screens and above, and I wanted a 13inch one, and I don’t if I should get the upgraded one, because do I really need one that fast? Or that cool? Or that good? Hmmmmmmmm.

Seriously. Maybe I’m just being a brat. I am, aren’t I?

Ahhhh. Just so you know. I am paying for the Mac. Half me, half donations from parents, cause I don’t have enough in my bank if I do get the 15inch one. Which I might? HAHAHAHAHA.