Ah Love.

I was browsing through old pictures cause I was bored, and I didn’t want to do anything too distracting from Chemistry. But then I chanced upon this old GIF made in the year 2007 I believe.

And I was reminded once again of how my hands are itching to write, write, write.

And its so beautiful, and I forgot who made it, but I must thank that someone once again, and man. I wish I could find her/him again. :)

And this, ladies and gents, is the book banner for my story I’m currently still finishing up. And I know the title is lame. It was the only thing I could think about then. Maybe I’ll change it. But till then, it sticks. Heh.

The girl’s name is Ashley, the Ashley I’ve always been talking about, and the guy is Deucalion! Or Daniel. :P

And if you wanna know more, well. Haha. Ask me in private. :P

Wheeeee. High over. Back to Chemistry.

When Your Eyes Blur

Cause you slept too much and didn’t study instead. No, seriously. Cause you stared at the stupid screen, trying to read the tiny words off the A2 Chemistry electronic texts for too long. Ugh. And then, after solving the questions, you realized that even the electronic version doesn’t have answers.


Then you resort to camwhoring in the middle of the night. Yes. I’m only putting a few up, because I am bored, and the rest are ugly anyway hahaha.



Oh I love you Heath Ledger. :(

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the May babies!

For now its Cedric, Boon Tung, Krystal and Hui Na darling! :D Happy birthday to you tua people! XD XD

And yes, its back to studying now. Yeay. DX