True story: Many years ago, I couldn’t stand having long hair and wanted it short. For some reason, the hair stylist interpreted my hand waving as “Oh, really really short.” and I ended up having a hairstyle that had my Mum asking me, minutes later, “Are you my daughter?”

Then she laughed, and I had to take my IC looking weird, and had at least two people asking me, after looking at my IC, “Are you a boy?” Uh huh. A senior once patted my head and said it looked like a shrub, “So puffy!”

Uh huh. I never did cut my hair short since then.

Which explains why I never ever changed my hairstyle too, preferring to go to a good ol’ corner shop near my house. Except that one time in Semester One when I stayed back in INTEC for a debate competition and was desperate. Needless to say, I never went back to Anura. (I think that’s the name, couldn’t be bothered after.)

My usual hairstylist tutted at my hair after I came back from the competition, and thankfully ‘repaired’ it.

And this time, she asked, “What about a change?” I was all, heh, one and a half months before I go anywhere, so what the heck. Let’s give it a shot! (Note to self: NEVER EVER TRY TO BE ADVENTUROUS. IT’LL KILL YOUR HAIR. LET’S FORGET ABOUT EXTENSIONS OR DYE.)

So, she cut, and I stared, and I LAUGHED AT MYSELF.

Oh man. Oh boy. Oh my heck.

I wanted bangs, but not this type! And my family’s gonna take a family portrait next week and I look like.. Like…


She was all I could think about. The darling darling junior who likes to take random shots of herself everywhere, and is never seen without a comb or mirror. With bright smiles and an even brighter bubbly attitude. :D (FYI: I miss you!)

And yes, I think, whenever I look at me now, I think of you.


So, good or bad? The hairstylist was all, “It’s been a while since I cut your fringe!” And my Mum is all, “You look 12 again.” My Bro and Sis laughed at me outright. Latest fashion yeah.

Man, I want my big forehead bright as day back. Cause while I think Lemon looks absolutely adorable in this style, it is not for me. I just look weird while she looks cute. :(

(If you tell me to restyle, let me just say, I tried, and I looked bald. Hah.)


And with short hair? :D :D

Maybe not anytime soon.   >.<

6 thoughts on “Bangs!

  1. LOLLLL. Nooo, it’s not so cool! I look absolutely weird. HAHAHA. But thanks for the compliment anyway! You’re too nice lar.. Haha! :D J-Cyn couldn’t stop laughing.. :'(

  2. Adorable little girl XD… see the cool thing about hair at our age is…they grow back again in no time…I guess you could use this as a chance to experience something new =P

  3. OMG omg OMG omg, nic, u put my photo there!!! Aiyo, with your photo below, I look very silly leh…hahaha….

    Btw, you are cute… I like you with this hair….

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