Mac Mac!

So, I actually have several drafts of posts that I should be posting up but am procrastinating because the whole tedious process of uploading photos. But they will be awesome posts. :P Regardless, that’s not why I’ve the sudden urge to just drop a line now. (See title, and then shakes head.)


And it’s fun and it’s awesome, and I’m still taking baby steps, but WOOHOO BABY. And though it’s cliche, cause Esther called you that first, it has kinda stuck. So, Mac Mac you shall be, forever and ever and ever.. (I dearly dearly hope so.)

P/S: Though completely unrelated to the Mac, I still have the urge to mention the fact that my hair refuses to stay flat and coconut-like shaped. And has since developed a gap in between my forehead. LIKE CURTAINS I TELL YOU. I have started wearing a hairband pushing everything back and hoping some precious style will come of it.


This is all. Cause it’s fun to type on the new shining black keypads. And the screen is huge. And my eyes hurt. :D

One thought on “Mac Mac!

  1. Yay! I’m gonna play with your Mac Mac when you’re in KL. Or better, I’ll have five years to tweak around with it =D You must have type this post with your Mac Mac no? =P

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