It’s like seeing how life’s going to be in five or six years or so. More importantly, it was kinda fun seeing my Sister tense up and turn pale whenever the nurse come by to poke a needle into her veins. And it was not really that fun to see it squirt all over when they do it wrongly. Makes me wonder about the system sometimes, when they often do it wrong than right.

Anyhoo, what the heck am I talking about yesh? :) I’ve only told a few, but yes, my Sister had dengue and was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for three days, while my Mum and I lingered by to see she was comfy, fat and healing. She was then prodded by nurses and doctors alike with needles, and was on the drips and finished like, more than ten bags of it. And whenever they change it, blood squirts out like whoa. Of course, since mosquitoes are pesky little monsters, they then decided to bite my Mum and Bro, and now, they’ve the symptoms too! :(

Of course, though I’ve few of them, I don’t have the main icky one, which is fever. So I’m counting myself out. And having a lot of fun pounding young papaya leaves to make bitter concoctions for my siblings and Mum to drink. Since its apparently an old age remedy from India.

Cooking frogs with bitter-gourds is another one I’m having tons of icky fun with. Touching the skinned frogs and prodding their stringy tender meat at their jumpy legs is really, really disgusting. Somehow its even worst washing skinned frogs than, let’s say, chicken, or pork. It just is, eventhough, technically, they’re all dead animals that have already been skinned. Shouldn’t make any difference, but I’m irked about eating meat now. Bleaaah.

It’s tiring too, cleaning up the house and pushing all junk away just in case the fogging people decided to stop by. Which they haven’t though they should have ages ago. So now we’ve gone to spraying Listerine around the house, cause mosquito coils which stinks have not worked.

And I should start making cards for the ex-ACTP-ians leaving already. :( Somehow, I just don’t have the mood. I’m sorry. :( I also haven’t sent promised presents. :( Sorry. I really want to do so much, but somehow my priorities are helping my siblings score in their exams. My Bro has not yet gotten an A in BM, and my Sis is screwing up Eng Lit and I’m supposed to sit in front of them and stare at them so that my brain power (however mediocre it is) can get to them and help them. And then I’m not supposed to watch TV or play my Mac cause it distracts me, like now. My Bro is listening to music and not really studying. TOMORROW TRIALS ADUH. And in the morning when they’re not around I go around cleaning stuff, and cooking and IT TAKES UP ALL MY TIME cause I do it slowly.

I’m sorry for procrastinating and not doing cute stuff for you guys to remember me in the US or whatever, or just presents. :( Even to J-Cyn and Sam. Supposed to give you epic gifts and I haven’t been able to get to it and I feel guilty everyday and then I can’t sleep again, but I have to be in bed by 11 CAUSE MY BRO WON’T SLEEP IF I DON’T. Seriously, he nags at me to sleep early and he stays awake if I don’t sleep, and then he’s late to school, and I’ve to rush him, make him breakfast and everything. Seriously. They’re such kids, and being a MUM IS SUCH HARD WORK. My Mum has taken to calling me the Other Mum. And she’s happier cause I help around and I really wanna do more too, at the same time.

Which means I haven’t written anything for my story either. Sad. :(

Oh time, you’re passing me by too fast. :(

Do help me pray for quick recovery though? And please please please, when Bro and Mum go for blood test tomorrow, NO DENGUE. Especially the hemorrhaging type which my Sister had. :( And I don’t want fever! (I might have, I just ain’t telling my Mum.) She’s worrying her ass off as it is already.

And the frog boiling in the double-boiler now? NOT TOUCHING THAT.

Had enough of the crocodile meat with herbs soup I had the other day for my asthma. OH GOSSSSSH. THE SMELL. It smelled like dead carcasses, which was exactly what it was. :( SO YUCKY. Horrifying childhood memories drinking galleons of that suddenly came back up, intensified by the taste going down my throat. UGH. And I still have to cook more of those! :(

Seems like Dettol’s going around my place a lot too. Love the antiseptic smell. That is all. :D I’m ranting, cause I’m tired, and I haven’t communicated with anyone much. And my fantasy world in my head is my companion so often nowadays.

2 thoughts on “Frogilicious~!

  1. Don’t worry about the present part. Do what is important to you first. I can still see you for 5 years, remember? Do recover fast..and if you really got fever, must go for blood test k. Don’t delay. Take care ya dear :)

  2. I had frog leg porridge today. I ate frog legs before but it was like 15 years back. Frog leg kinda taste like chicken and fish. Huh, no wonder it’s a two world creature.

    Can’t wait to see on the 1st! XD

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