Miss You Like Crazy

That song has been stuck in my head since Ker Yin sang it to me. :P

Anyway, I think I’ve finally begun to settle down here! Its becoming a routine, classes, dinner, sleep, and study. The study part is really stressful of course, but its starting to sink into my head. When seniors start jabbering about which bone, what plexus, I actually understand it a little! Cool. And it’s only been two weeks. CRAZY.

What will five years do to me? INSANITY.

I’ve also been going to class with such a HIGH. Endorphin levels have been high high high, and this natural high makes me happy and keeps me smiling! Its good, cause then I won’t be so depressed about the huge amount of work (ANATOMY OMG) that I have tried to do and remember and memorize.. But fail to. Too much high makes the collapse all the more exhausting though. HAHA.

Its also good to see that issues have started to blow over, and I think conversation with certain people have become more smooth. I like that. God is moving. And its AWESOME.

Toodles. I’m supposed to be studying now. It’s been three days since I started the Axilla and nowhere near to completion. Oh well. It’s all GOOD.

I also leave you with some RANDOMNESS. Pictures taken and things done when we’re bored in class, or simply unable to comprehend what’s being said in front.

The Sticky Note of DOOM.

CK wrote this. Jahat kan.

And then the two perasan people did this. :D


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